When you arrive in Xiamen by air be advised that there is no transfer area as you might know from other airports like Bangkok or Singapore. You always have to pass through immigration.

The transfer desk for Xiamen Airlines is a little bit hidden away. when you exit customs control just walk down the hallway and it is on your right hand side.

Left luggage (to store your bags) is available on the arrival level.

A taxi into town will cost you about 40 to 50 RMB (around 5 to 7 Euro).

Watch the video for a full guide from plane door to the taxi stand including a visit to the transfer desk.


Nedra White · 25th July 2019 at 03:42

Hello Sandro
I was wondering if you possibly help me out I’ll be traveling to Bali in August on my return flight from from Bali to Xiamen airport I have a 18 hour layover my question is I don’t want to sit in the airport that long if I wanted to leave the airport what I need a visa if you can help me out with that question I will greatly appreciate it. Nedra White

    Sandro Juergensen · 25th July 2019 at 06:29

    You will always need a visa or visa exemptions. You can see the requirements for the 24 hour transit without visa here
    When you pass through immigration you will get a sticker in your passport that allows you to leave the airport for 24 hours.
    Depending on your booking you might be eligible to get a free hotel room. You can check it here at the Xiamen Air website under Point 8. I recommend to take this offer so you can rest and explore.
    I do have a video on arriving in Xiamen. You can watch it here on Youtube and you will see the whole procedure from the plane to the taxi including the Xiamen Air transfer desk.

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